Chinese name L-蛋氨酸磺酸盐
Chinese synonyms L-S-(3-氨基-3-羧丙基)-S-甲基砜亚胺; L-蛋氨酸磺酸盐
English name L-Methionin-sulfoximine
English synonyms L-S-(3-Amino-3-carboxypropyl)-S-methylsulfoximine;L-Methionin-sulfoximine
[U-Chemo Code] PY831
CAS 15985-39-4
Molecular Formular C5H12N2O3S
Molecular Weight 180.23
Molecular Structure
Density 1.5±0.1g/cm3
Appearance White Powder
Specification 98%min

Melting Point:215℃ min

Optical Rotation (c=1, water):+12°~+15°


Packing according request
Storage Sealed, in a cool, dry warehouse
Application As inhibitor of glutamine synthase, which is also a potent convulsant, which mainly affects the metabolism and morphology of astrocytes
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